Hedgehog & Squirrels Class

Welcome to Hedgehog and Squirrels Class

Welcome to Yeoford Primary School and welcome back after the summer. We are very excited by the new school year. We have been investigating our new classroom and learning new routines. Here you can see us engaged in one of the many circle times we have enjoyed getting to know each other and learning each other’s names.

We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to. We will be talking about our families, traditions and learning about where we live. Here you can see our curriculum plan for the term which shows the learning intentions for the term. How we teach these may change as we follow the children’s interests. Please look out for all our inquisitive, play-based learning on Tapestry where you can regularly see what we have been learning and our next steps. 

This is what our busy day looks like:


Speaking and listening activity, movement activity or a morning challenge



Teacher led Listening and Attention activity or Phonics carpet


Busy learning time. Children can self-select an activity which is linked to the topic and a learning intention.

Adults will be teaching interventions, an adult guided activity or creating a learning story on how your child learns over the course of a week whilst supporting your child to meet their individual targets.

Children have access to fruit and water throughout the day.


Playtime. We will sometimes miss playtime if we are lost in play or busy solving the latest ‘who did it’!


Teacher led Numeracy Carpet


Handwash and toilet for lunchtime






Teacher led Understanding the World, Circle Time or Expressive Arts carpet.


Busy Learning Time


Story, Tapestry Show and Tell and Star of the Day!


Home time


PE kits are needed for PE on a Monday!

Book change is on a Monday and Friday!

Library day is on a Friday!

We are in constant need of junk modelling resources. Please can we have plastic containers, cardboard boxes, kitchen rolls, wool etc.

Please see the Power Point from the Curriculum Afternoon which explains the EYFS and Year 1 curriculum, Reading at home and Tapestry. 

We have recently started the teaching of phonics. We will be using Cued Articulation alongside Letters and Sounds this year. Cued Articulation is an action to encourage the children to clearly articulate the sounds. 

Here are the links showing the actions for the sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZPaS-3C5vQ

Oxford OwlOxford Owl has lots of free online eBooks for you to read with your children. The site will even read the book to you! You have to register, but it is free! Click here
The reception children now have online learning journals, they can be found here Tapestry
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If you're looking for some phonics games, try Phonics Play.