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Happy half term everyone! 
As you are all aware we had no internet before half term so many children couldn't complete book quizzes. We sent home a link to allow children to quiz at home but in case it doesn't work I have attached it below. 
Next half term fox class will be having a big push on spellings and timetables. To help get a head start I have uploaded some word searches and released a year group challenge on times table rockstars!
To keep you refreshed on all our topic work there are  also links to relevant games and facts!
Happy Learning, 
Miss Wright :) 
Fox Class
Welcome to the Fox Class webpage  
Here you can find information about what is happening in Years 2, 3 and 4
For a general overview of this term do check out our topic letter but for a more detailed look into each subject (including retrieval practice, games and challenges) please scroll down. 
  1. English (reading and writing) 
  2. Maths 
  3. Science
  4. History 
  5. Geography 
  6. PE
  7. Art
  8. RE
  9. Spanish 
  10. ICT and DT
  11. Music 
  12. Jigsaw
  13. Trips and experiences
1. English (writing and reading) 
Last week saw the launch of out new book focus UG: the boy genius of the stone age. Laughter and excitement rippled through Fox class as we rose to the challenge of making trousers out of wool and newspaper! 
The reading text that we will be referring to in this cycle is based of this book and is a newspaper report. (Copies have been emailed out and sent home with those who wanted a paper copy but can also be found below). We have had a lot of fun emulating this report by holding our own news conferences and role plays. 
This week we will be beginning our shared write cycle and will be trying to mimic the authors use of language and structural features. 
Below you will find a copy of our text, story map and retrieval games for this book focus and our last to help keep all our learning as fresh as 'Woolly Mammoth skin trousers!'
We took freeze frame literally and created our own mannequin challenge! We took time to unfreeze characters to find out how they were feeling in that moment. 
2. Maths
Fox class are continuing to impress in maths. We are nearing the end of our multiplication and division unit so will soon be ready to share our highlights!

We are well and truly getting our claws into the 4 times table so please do test us when were out and about! Our 4 times tables has been spurred on by our new favourite song - warning it will get stuck in your head! 
In other times table news, the girls led a victorious win against the boys in our most recent battle with a staggering 11,046 versus  8,398! Well done girls!
Please see below for some brilliant maths car games for long journeys! As well as the links to timestable rockstars and our new song! 
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3. Science
We are rocking rocks at the moment! It has been brilliant to witness science creeping into many show and tells - it is evident Fox class if full of future geologists!
We have looked at different rock classifications and fossils so far in science and as mention the children are already fascinated by this subject which has led to our most recent challenge.
Please see below...
4. History
In history we have began with a very important question - what sources are reliable?

This week in Fox class we have been exploring different sources of information. From documentaries, newspaper reports, information texts and images we attempted to recreate some stone age tools using salt dough. We concluded that newspapers provided little accurate information and a lot of over exaggeration! Our favourite source was the information text as it provided well sourced detailed evidence.

Now we have our sources straight were looking forward to diving into timelines next lesson! 

5. Geography
We kick started geography with a map based treasure hunt that was a complete hit! We loved it so much we've turned it into a class selfie challenge! (see poster)
This week we continued our local study of Dartmoor by comparing it to another national park, The Lake District (I know some of the class are now very eager to visit the Lake District!) 
We began comparing maps including satellite views, which we thoroughly enjoyed using to find Yeoford! We now know our 100 square grid on the playground is visible via satellite! 
6. Physical Education
This terms PE focus is swimming and we're certainly making a splash! 
Huge congratulations to those in Fox class that represented us at the swimming gala. 
That's not all though... we continue to take part in many QE events! The gymnastics event was fantastic and enjoyed by all Fox class. Further still, the Year 2's had a great day out at the multi skills event last week!
7. Art
Mrs Williams has loved getting to know Fox class and there's no better way than in our art lessons! 
Our skill focus for art this term is exploring mark making and we've linked this to our Stone Age topic by exploring natural resources - including beetroot!
We're looking at artists who are inspired by nature such as; Any Goldsworthy as well as those who explore simple forms like Lowry's matchstick figures. 
8. Religious Education
This term we are looking at 'God's people' and what it means to be a follower of God. Through exploring Noah, we have looked into God's promises and actions. This has led really nicely to our Jigsaw topic of Dreams and Goals. 
Questions to reflect on at home: 
What is a promise?
What happens when you don't keep a promise?
Who do you make promises with?
What does it mean to keep a commitment?
Is there something you've devoted your time to - maybe a sport?
How do these values and ideas link to current topics, like climate change?
(Why don't you try reading: The Promise by Nicola Davies)
9. Spanish 
Year 3 and 4 have already begun learning simple greetings and counting in Spanish. They even helped to cover the classroom in labels so we can now slowly begin to learn our classroom furniture!  Following it's success we've now moved our slot to Friday morning mastery so everybody can get involved. 
Want a new car game? 
Why don't you try our count to 10 game, it sounds easy but its deceptively tricky! Ask anyone in Fox class and they'll tell you the rules! 
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10. ICT and DT
Don't see anything here? That's because behind our Fox doors were working on a special project for you! Ask us if you like but we might not spill our secrets until launch day!
11. Music
We are continuing to enjoy learning a wide range of instruments each Monday. We've also been listening to some of the BBC ten pieces while we work! 
12. Jigsaw
This terms Jigsaw theme is Dreams and Goals and we are looking forward to what we hope to achieve this year and over our life time.  We have linked this to people who inspire us. Best of all we have a brilliant new song!
Parents and carers: 
It would be amazing if you could share with your children some of the answers to the following questions!
What were your dreams when you were my age?
How did you get to doing what you do now?
What challenges did you have to overcome?
What would you change if you could go back in time?
What dreams and goals do you have for me?
13. Trips and Visits
Author Visit
We welcomed the author Sue Mongredien, supported by Crediton Bookshop, to Fox Class.  The children enjoyed talking to Sue and joining in with the story - particularly the sound effects!  The children loved creating a story with Sue.  We enjoyed her top writing tips including asking yourself 'What if...' questions.  It's a tip we will certainly be using in class.  Children were able to purchase signed copies of her books - what a great experience!
Fox Class Museum
On Armistice Day we welcomed parents, carers and other local people to the opening of our museum.  The event was a huge success with over £120 being raised for Crediton Museum and The Poppy Appeal.  The children loved talking about everything they have learned in their History lessons and showing off the artefacts.  Thank you to everyone that contributed with their personal stories and artefacts.  What a brilliant way for the children to learn about World War II.
Fox Class Trip to Crediton Museum
Fox class enjoyed a brilliant albeit wet day out to Crediton Museum.  The children enjoyed answering a quiz about the museum exhibits and learnt about Charlie the evacuee.  The children coped with the busy morning extremely well; ensuring we got to the train stations on time.