Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class at Yeoford Primary School. Mrs Gillon teaches the class on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Mr Bossence will be in on a Wednesday. 
We hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting things we get up to. 
Mrs Ley is let off!
Owl class were incredibly lucky to have a visitor this week. Joss, a Barrister from a local chambers, gave the class an insight into life in court. Hearing about the 'cake crumb crime', he led us through a mock trial where the jury decided that Mrs Ley was in fact, not guilty! 
It was a really interesting session and the children were also able to try on wigs and gowns. 
Life in prison
Brian took time out of his busy schedule to come in and talk to Owl class about life as a prison officer. We learnt about the different types of prisons and then got to find out about what happens on a normal day in Exeter prison. The children (and Mrs Gillon) were absolutely fascinated and enjoyed hearing lots of stories about what life is like inside the prison.
Thank you Brian!
E Safety assembly
Owl class were tasked with preparing an assembly for the rest of the school to share information about staying safe online. The children created a Powerpoint and looked at specific apps and websites which children need to be aware of.
Owl Class at Exeter Crown Court
Last week we were lucky enough to visit Exeter Crown Court. We were met by a court usher who took us in to a court room and introduced us to Judge Johnson. After a few questions we were able to sit in the public gallery and watch a real life case! The Judge also allowed us to have our photo taken in a judicial wig at the Judge's bench.
This was a fantastic trip and the perfect way to start our topic, Crime & Punishment.
Art: printing
Mrs Ley asked the children to design their own wallpaper. They created a motif, pressed it on to a polystyrene tiles and then printed this on paper for a wall display.
The cake crumb crime!!
Unfortunately, a serious crime took place over the summer holidays. Mrs Gillon was looking forward to a nice slice of cake and a cup of tea but someone got there first!
Owl class processed the scene, interview suspects and analysed evidence to find the culprit.
Science: Forces in Action
In science we have kicked off the term with our new topic 'Forces'. We discovered that gravity causes objects of the same size and shape but of different mass to fall at the same rate. We researched how Galileo's experiment shows this and watched a clip of a feather and a hammer being dropped on the moon and falling at the same speed. 
To find out more about the effects of air resistance and how this affects objects falling on earth, we designed an investigation using parachutes. Different groups chose what to change in their experiment, for example: the size of parachute, the materials they were made from or the shape of the parachute. We then had great fun testing the parachutes to see which one would fall the slowest. 
Religious Education
The children have been learning about Judaism in R.E. We have been having fun role-playing a Shabbat meal and sampling some of the food and drink that would be served during this special time for Jews.
Useful resources
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