School day

The school day is organised as follows:

8:55am   - Bell rings and school begins with pupils assembled in the playground
9.00am   - Registration
9.10am   - Morning lessons begin and registration ends
10:30am - Morning break*

10:45am - Morning break ends

11:45am - Assembly
12:00pm - Lunch break begins**

1:15pm - Afternoon lessons begin
2:30pm - Afternoon break for KS1 children only
3:30pm - School ends - Reception to Year 4, if you would like us to allow your child to walk home on their own please click below for a permission form.  Years 5 and 6 will be allowed to walk home unaccompanied unless you inform us otherwise. 

Arriving and going home

The school is not legally responsible for children until 10 minutes before the start of school. Therefore unless you have made specific arrangements with the school, please ensure your children do not arrive before 8.45 am. The bell to start the school day is rung at 8.55 am. If your child is going to be absent due to illness, please ring the office before 9.10am and leave a message.

If for some reason you would like your child to arrive beforehand, you must write a note to the school requesting supervision.  We have a regular Breakfast Club facility on arrangement.  Please speak to Mrs Slee in the office to arrange this. 

Occasionally, arrival times may be varied by individual teachers for attendance on school trips, but notification of these activities will be given in advance.

The same 10-minute rule applies at the end of the day. Staff cannot be expected to look after pupils remaining on the premises after 3.40 pm. In an emergency, please phone the office on 01363 84234 and speak to a member of staff or leave a message. 

Parents of children in Reception to Year 4, or those in Year 5 and 6 who have told us their child needs to wait, who are unable to collect their children at 3.30 pm. need to contact the school to ensure a member of staff is notified. The afternoon telephone number is 01363 84234.

However, we do understand that occasionally parents are detained due to unforeseen circumstances.

Children attending clubs during the lunch break or after school are expected to confirm with their parents that it is convenient for them to attend and that arrangements for collection are known.

At the end of school children are not expected to remain, unless they are attending an after-school club or activity. They should leave school and make their way home in a sensible and safe manner, as directed by their parents.

*Mid morning break is from 10.30am-10.45am. Children in Key stage one receive a free piece of fruit. Children under 5 can register with Coolmilk for free school milk. Older children can have milk for a small fee if you register with Coolmilk. Click here to register or pay for Coolmilk. KS2 children may have a healthly breaktime snack for a termly fee of £10. Please leave the money in a named envelope marked 'fruit' in the drop box.

**Lunchtimes run from 12noon-1.15pm. School dinners are available and must be paid for in advance in a block or must be paid for on the day if taken occasionally. Children must let the class teacher know their lunch choice during registration and payments can be left in the drop box, which is in the main cloakroom, in an envelope marked with the child's name, and date lunch was taken, cheques to be made payable to Link Academy Trust.